MILTON LUBRICANTS is one of the leading global producer, distributor and marketer of high quality lubricants and specialized automotive, commercial and industrial solutions.

MILTON LUBRICANTS products, services and programs result from our relentless commitment to improve maintenance, add performance and reduce total cost of ownership for vehicle owners and businesses. MILTON LUBRICANTS increase reliability and deliver success.

Innovative tools and products make MILTON LUBRICANTS a leading partner with workshop, dealers, retailers, original equipment manufactures and end users. Beyond indsutry-leading lubricants, MILTON LUBRICANTS has an extensive range of professional, appearance and specialized solutions.

Our Specialization

Milton Lubricant is a coveted firm engaged in manufacturing a wide variety of Automotive Lubricants. These products are formulated with the aid of advanced methodologies using high-grade base oil.

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It provides excellent protection from wear & tear.

Gear Oil & Coolant

It provides protection to components.

Specialities Oil

It is a high viscosity index oil for earth moving equipments.

Diesel Engine Oil

It powers cars, motorcycles, engine-generators, and many other machines.

Motor Cycle Oil

It provides maximum protection for all types of motor cycle.

Passenger Car Motor Oil

It is super premium quality multigrade oil for petrol and CNG engines.